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Risk Management Information
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100 N. 15th Avenue
Suite 301
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Phone: (602) 542-2182

400 W. Congress #250
Tucson, Arizona, 85701
Phone (520) 628-6700

 Workers' Compensation

Who is covered Responsibilities
Reporting An Industrial Injury (Filing a Claim) Supervisor’s Report of Injury Form (SRI) use this form or the form developed by your agency
Timeframes for Reporting an Injury  
Seeking Medical Care AGENCY LIAISONS
The Claims Process Responsibilities
Returning to Work after an Injury Reports
Types of Compensation Benefits Workers’ Compensation Personnel Directory
Third Party Negligence State of AZ Workers' Compensation Laws
Resolving Disputes Workers' Compensation Practice and Procedure
Frequently Asked Questions  

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Workers' Compensation Forms

Who To Notify

Employer's Report of Industrial Injury  
Supervisor's Report of Injury  
Arizona Workers' Compensation Law - Notice to Employees (Bilingual)  



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